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Welcome to Bothwin (China) Limited, a professional manufacturer of lighting products,such as artifical LED cherry tree lights, artifical maple tree lights, coconut palm tree lights, firework lights, led sign ,some new design of tree lights, LED rope lighting, LED tube lights, Curtain lights, Net lights, string lights and other lighting products . Our products are using in street, plaza, hotel, garden, park , hall, night club and many other places as city decoration, hotel decoration lights, holiday decoration light , celebration lights and wedding decoration lights. city decoration, holiday decoration light .
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BW-SR002 Firework lights
BW-SR002 Firework lights
Product code: 451
Packing information:
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Size of carton: Full carton weight:
Carton inside(pcs): Applications environment:
Function and specification:

The fireworks light is the best choice for decorating the parks, tourist resort, squares, hotels, street of cities and even your garden.

Height(M):2.0     Diameter(M):2.0     Voltage(V):110/220     Power(W):2486
Packing(CM):128*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):3.0     Diameter(M):3.0     Voltage(V):110/220     Power(W):2731
Packing(CM):178*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):4.0     Diameter(M):4.0     Voltage(V):110/220     Power(W):3034
Packing(CM):228*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):5.0     Diameter(M):5.0     Voltage(V):110/220     Power(W):3792
 Packing(CM):278*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):6.0     Diameter(M):6.0     Voltage(V):110/220     Power(W):3900
Packing(CM):328*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):7.0     Diameter(M):7.0     Voltage(V):110/220     Power(W):4740
Packing(CM):378*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):8.0     Diameter(M):8.0     Voltage(V):110/220     Power(W):4884
Packing(CM):428*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):2.0     Diameter(M):2.0     Voltage(V):24/110/220     Power(W):125
Packing(CM):128*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):3.0     Diameter(M):3.0     Voltage(V):24/110/220     Power(W):170
Packing(CM):178*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):4.0     Diameter(M):4.0     Voltage(V):24/110/220     Power(W):210
Packing(CM):228*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):5.0     Diameter(M):5.0     Voltage(V):24/110/220     Power(W):320
Packing(CM):278*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):6.0     Diameter(M):6.0     Voltage(V):24/110/220     Power(W):370
Packing(CM):328*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):7.0     Diameter(M):7.0     Voltage(V):24/110/220     Power(W):415
Packing(CM):378*23*23 / 55*35*35
Height(M):8.0     Diameter(M):8.0     Voltage(V):24/110/220     Power(W):470
Packing(CM):428*23*23 / 55*35*35

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BW-SR002 Firework lights
Picture of this product
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