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博赢(中国)有限公司从2000年初期涉足于LED产品.2006年以后公司调整经营策略,以LED装饰灯为主要产品. 公司着力发展户内及户外装饰灯. 目前公司专业生产销售各类装饰灯具如LED树灯(包括LED桃花灯,椰树灯,枫叶树灯), 仙人掌灯, 向日葵灯,烟花灯,LED灯串,网灯,星星灯,彩虹管,护栏管,灯带,洗墙灯,射灯,地埋灯,大功率LED灯,灯杯,LED标牌等. 产品主要用于户内户外装饰,主要用于街道,广场,公园,酒店,景点,商场,娱乐场所的灯光装饰,也是城市亮化的最佳选择. 同时也可用于节日庆典,聚会,婚礼,活动灯光装饰等.
LED 樱花树灯
BW-TH002 桃树灯 桃花灯 樱花灯
Specification of LED Cherry tree light 3-1
LED tree lights information
Why Buy LED decoration Lights?
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Why Buy LED decoration Lights?

High Powered LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology means that we can now use those funny little glowing things that used to live on the front of your television, in theatre shows, live music gigs, holiday decoration , festival lights,  hotel decoration , landscaping , party lighting, plaza decorative lights, super market decorated, bar decoration lights  and mall decoration lights. LED  have many advantages over “old fashioned” decorative lights that make them attractive in decoration lighting.

Low Power Consumption - Because the LED uses a fraction of the power of an normal lightbulb (lamp), the power consumption of LED lighting fixtures is very small, meaning you can use a lot of fixtures on small power supply such as a 13A domestic socket. This is great for small band lighting rigs and the disco/party DJ.
Low Heat Radiation - Although LED decoration tree lighting does produce heat, the fixtures produce light without getting extremely hot. Modern lighting lamps produce more heat (and light) than they ever have and this has been coupled with improved light casings to minimise the risk of burning the operator. There are, however, some environments where the low heat properties of LED lighting are desirable.
Lightweight and Portable - The hardware that LED fixtures are packaged in does not need to be heavy and, although the various power supplies and elements all add weight, LED units are usually fairly light.
Colour Effects - The most common way for LED lights to be used for decoration lighting purposes is using a combination of different coloured LEDs. A fixture with all three lighting primary colours, Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LEDs blended together in different combinations gives the lighting designer loads of colour choices. This is using a principle called Additive Colour Mixing, where the coloured LEDs mix on any surface that reflects the light.
Small and Compact - LED lighting fixtures can be made in small, discreet packages which suit applications where size and brightness are important such as exhibitions stands.
High Brightness - This really comes down to the ratio of light brightness to power consumption. The new high powered LEDs are very bright considering small amount of electrical power they use.

The LED tree lights are using many LED lights inside of  lively artificial flowers or leaves.  It creates new fascinated fantastic landscaping lighting.

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