Welcome to Bothwin (China) Limited, a professional manufacturer of lighting products,such as artifical LED cherry tree lights, artifical maple tree lights, coconut palm tree lights, firework lights, led sign ,some new design of tree lights, LED rope lighting, LED tube lights, Curtain lights, Net lights, string lights and other lighting products . Our products are using in street, plaza, hotel, garden, park , hall, night club and many other places as city decoration, hotel decoration lights, holiday decoration light , celebration lights and wedding decoration lights. city decoration, holiday decoration light .
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Welcome to Bothwin (China) Limited.  a professional manufacturer of lighting products,such as cherry tree light, maple tree light, palm tree light, firework light, Sunflower lights, Cactus lights, Fiber optic pendant lights, Fiber optic flower lights, LED rope lights, LED lamp bulb lights, LED wall lights, LED tube lgihts, LED net lights, LED strip light, LED string, LED Wall washer light, LED lights bar, Led floor light, LED curtain lights,Motif lights, street lights, brick lights, LED sign, etc.  The products with unique functions are well-designed and very practical.we have assembled a group of professional , technical personnel and quality control personnel with high level and high quality. 


Good quality is originated from good management. As a result of our strict quality management, all of Bothwin's employees are very confident of all the products they manufacture. Bothwin's products have gained enormous credit in the world market.

Our staff has creative,concrete,responsible spirit, persistence study and improve ourself's skill,  we are honest ,passionate and aspire after perfection to service our client , to return to society.

We are directed by market requirement, human-oriented, known client and clerk's imperceptible requirement,persist to improve management and technical level, make great effort to improve ourself with our staff and our clients together.

Our goal is keep up with  the tide of  globalization , step by step become collectivize and globalization electronic product provider and distribution company, and take the great effort in the process of chinese people effort to make chinese brand and credit .


Now our products, including cherry tree lights, palm tree lights, sunflower lights, cactus lights,  LED string,  Led rope, firework lights, LED sign etc., already have been sold to many countries, include Europe, America, Middle east, South Asia, Australia, Etc. , and got very good reputation .

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