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Holiday decoration lights , Nature sight substitut

Nature sight substitute

If you are looking for an attractive decoration light for your home or place of business or if you are trying to find the perfect gift for a friend; The Amazing Cherry Tree LED Light may be exactly what you have been looking for.  here you can see the LED tree light.

This artificial LED Cherry Tree light is a work of art.  It is designed with delicate and realistic looking branches complete with transparent Cherry blossoms and high light LED bulb.  Each blossom includes miniature LEDs which can either be set at the color you select; or can automatically progress through a series of gorgeous reds, blues, greens, yellows and pinks. 

It is hand crafted with quality workmanship by our trained staff.  Each Light is 100% inspected to ensure it meets our standard for excellence.  You have to see the LED Cherry Tree Light to appreciate how beautiful it really is.

This Amazing light Tree comes in a variety of sizes and can be used either indoors or outside as an attractive landscape feature. ans also, except LED Cherry blossom tree light, there are LED palm tree light , LED maple tree light and LED coconut tree light. It is ideal for windows, centerpieces, or as a beautiful bonsai tree in your office.

You can be sure that when you display the LED Tree Light as holiday light or decorative lights at holidays and special occasions, it will be the talk of the party.

This beautiful decoration is also ideal for parks, town squares, hotels and resorts.  They will be the focal point for any location and be appreciated by all who see them.  Whether this stunning Tree Light is lighted or not, this beautiful decoration will make any room more delightful or any outside location more beautiful and picturesque.

It is one of the best decorative light in christmas, festival, holiday, ceremony and anniversary.

some information of cherry tree light as reference: 

Color: single color of Red\Yellow\Green\Blue\Pink & RGB(the color can be changed)available    
QTY Of LEDS:6912PCS LED Cherry blossom light (the quantity can be customized) 
Branch:32 pcs,216pcs of LED cherry blossom light in each branch   (can be customized) 
Branchlet:12pcs in each Branch, 18pcs of LED cherry blossom light in each branchlet  (can be customized) 
Length:430CM    (can be customized)
Diameter:400CM   (can be customized)

it also called christmas tree light, led tree light, bonsai tree light, outdoor night, decorative night, artifical tree light.

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